S3 Epi 2: Not for your basic bitch- Wagcity a dog clothing company

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No basic bitches please. 

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Rocio Alvarado the designer and owner of Wagcity and I had a fun conversation about her company. She used her background in fashion design to start up her own company geared to those she loves, dogs! I hope you guys enjoy this delightful episode.



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S3 Epi:1 Puerto Rico On The Rise

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Puerto Rico 

Miguel Alvelo Rivera and I talk about what is going on with Puerto Rico today. 

Miguel Alvelo Rivera is a PhD student, Director of UIC Engage and a member of Chicago Boricua Resistance. We had a great conversation about the state of Puerto Rico and what we all can be doing to stay informed. 

Season 2 Finale: The power of love and food, a story about mi abuelita.

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I wrap up my season 2 finale with a recap of this season

In this season finale I revisit the interviews I've done this season and share a personal story about my amazing grandmother, Juana Torres Meza. She was an amazing woman who created a tightly connected family. I hope you enjoy! 

S2 Epi 9: Changing your future through vision

Mariela Figueroa

Tells us about vision boards and how we can change our future through vision. 

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 Mariela Figueroa and I talked about the power of thought and how to build the future you want through vision. She helps men and women create vision boards to manifest their dreams. She has an upcoming event that you can join! Check her out on Instagram @postiitve_mermaid

"Don’t you dare ever settle for less than what you dream about and deserve. Life is meant to be lived and we are all suppose to be happy. I use to care what people thought of me, but now I care about what I think of me. Let go of your chains and start loving your life again. Start smiling again. This is my journey and what you do with your life is yours. Faith over fear"

S2 Epi 8: Working for Change


S2 Epi 8

Kimberly Marcela Duron owner of Kim & Roses, Filmmaker and future student of Georgetown university


In a time when society could use more care and compassion, Kimberly Marcela Duron is doing her part to do so. Kim is a company owner, filmmaker and a future student of Georgetown University. Her company, Kim & Roses, an online store that offers products created by women in Latin America, more specifically women in Honduras trying to provide for their families. She works with the Lanka indigenous tribe who create textiles which she sells on her website for them. She along with NextGen America will be hosting Popups For Change in Miami on August 11th. Kim will be attending Georgetown University for her masters in communication, culture and technology.  She also was a researcher and producer on the National Geographic documentary about the relations between The US and Cuba.

S2 Epi 7: Looking for Freedom on Independence day- A border crisis

S2 Epi 7

A conversation with Artist, Activist and Immigration Lawyer Carolina Rubio MacWright

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Artist, Activist and Immigration Lawyer Carolina Rubio MacWright

Family separations at the border have completely rocked many to their core. Carolina and I talk about what is going on at the border as of now and she helps clarify some misconceptions. She, as well as other volunteers are heading down to Dilley, Texas to provide legal services to detainees. Currently, she has a GoFundMe open to help finance some of the women who will be volunteering at the border. 

A little about Carolina:

Carolina Rubio-MacWright was born in Bogota, Colombia, where she lived until at age 20, when finding a safer place to call home was necessary. Two years after moving to Miami, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Fine Art in studio art. After graduation, she felt the need to understand the American legal system, at which point she moved to Oklahoma City, where she received her Juris Doctorate Degree. She has worked as an immigration attorney in Oklahoma, Miami and New York City. 

Her experience as an attorney working on criminal law, civil rights and immigration law opened her eyes to the realities of the broken American legal system.  She believes that art is often the most powerful way of explaining life, which is why she is so passionate about finding innovative ways to bring communities together; from doing campaign work for non-profits to performing public art pieces to developing programs to empower vulnerably communities. She believes anything is possible when inspiring ideas and passionate people come together.   

 She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

S2 Epi 6:Christina Igaraividez talks Latinaish TV, Vidcon and Teatro Luna


S2 Epi 6

An interview with actor, story teller and content creator Christina Igaraivivez.


I was so happy to interview my fellow Chicago native Christina Igaraividez an actor, storyteller and content creator. We discussed her time at Vidcon and her upcoming project, Latinaish TV. A channel of comedy by Latinas for everyone that is brought to you on Instagram and Facebook’s newest television feature.  We touched on Latinx influence on culture and perfection paralysis a disease I happen to suffer from time to time. We also discuss Christina’s work with Teatro Luna and all their upcoming projects. It’s always great to connect with my fellow Chicagoans! Chicago stand up!